The easy-to-use HyperLithTM simulator is also very powerful. Watch these demo videos to see just how easy-to-use it is:

Recent demo videos:
Demo #9: Wafer Topography (double patterning)
Demo #8: GDS Layout Import, Multiple Sites

Earlier Videos
Demo #1:  A brief overview, simulation of a line-end to line-end pattern
Demo #2:  Simulation of a semi-isolated line, optimization of scatter bar position
Demo #3:  Simulation of a semi-isolated line, optimization of the sigma
Demo #4:  Simulation of CPL line/space pattern, varying CPL phase etch
Demo #5:  Simulation of CPL Line-End-T pattern, 3D TEMPESTpr2, 3D Resist
Demo #6:  EUV Line/Space pattern, rigorous mask model, Diffused Aerial Image Resist Model, varying the amount of Gaussian blur.
Demo #7:  EUV Line/Space pattern, rigorous mask model, varying the sidewall angle of the absorber pattern

Note:  These demonstration videos were made using an early beta release of HyperLith(TM).  The current version of HyperLith(TM) add several other features and offers an even higher degree of ease-of-use.  Contact us for a live online or in-person demonstration of our latest release

Key Features

  • Very easy to use yet still flexible and powerful
  • Choose from a selection of pre-defined mask technologies, patterns and resist models customize a pre-defined technology or pattern, or create your own from scratch
  • Simplified graphical user interface is oriented specifically towards mask-in-stepper lithography simulations
  • LiveView GUI allows user to see an approximate simulation results for the nominal case
  • Works with SimRunner (distributed computing and hardware-acceleration)
  • DUV, Immersion, EUV, Rigorous/Scalar, Polarization, Aberrations, Resist Capable
  • Can export a .sim file for EM-Suite
  • 32/64 bit Windows/Linux

HyperLith Screen Shots

HyperLith animation

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