FullChip is a full-chip simulation platform

  • Fast SOCS-based aerial imaging
  • Compact Resist Model (including contour-based calibration)
  • 3D Mask Effects (M3D)
  • Large Layout Server supporting Multiple Simultaneous Clients
  • Hot Spot Detection / Verfication / OPC
  • Under development - see presentations and videos


TRIG is a new fast, rigorous, accurate, 3D Maxwell solver for EUV and DUV


Our upcoming version 7 ("v7") introduces a new level of performance for advanced lithography simulation

  • New, fast, 3D rigorous simulator Maxwell simulator:  TRIG
  • Sub-grid resolution in TEMPESTpr2
  • SEM simulator:  PanSEM
  • SEM image analysis:  PanSIA
  • Source optimization:  PanSO
  • Faster RCWA
  • Faster and more robust 3D FEM modeling of resist shrinkage
  • NTD resist model
  • Stochastic resist models for EUV and DUV
  • and much more

  • Negative Tone Develop (NTD) Resist Model
  • Included with Resist option
  • 3D FEM modeling of deprotection shrinkage
  • See video!
  • See presentation!

  • Simulate SEM image formation
  • Physics-based model
  • Including SEM-induced shrinkage
  • Calibrate resist models by comparing simulated SEM CD to experimentally measured SEM CD (an "apples to apples" comparison)
  • Includes PanSIA
  • See video!
  • See presentation!


Panoramic Technology Inc. is pleased to announce availability of HyperLith - an easy to use, lithography simulator

  • Easy-to-use and Powerful
  • Supports scalar and rigorous, EUV and DUV technologies
  • Hardware Acceleration, Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing
  • Windows & Linux
  • Click here for a demo video and more details
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