The Panoramic Technology software licensing involves two expiry dates:

1.  The Software License Expiry Date

The software will not run beyond the Software License Expiry Date

2.  The Maintenance/Support Expiry Date

The user has access to customer support and any version released before the Maintenance/Support Expiry Date.  After the Maintenance/Support Expiry Date, the user will not have access to customer support, and will not be able to run new versions.  The software will continue to run as long as the Software License Expiry Date has not passed.

When the software is purchased, the items on the quote/invoice are divided into two categories:

1.  Software items

These items refer to the actual computer programs/options that are being purchased.  (only the binary executable is purchased, not the source code)

2.  1-Yr License/Maintenance/Support (LMS) items

These items refer to the license to run the programs, and to the right to have access to customer support and upgrades.  Specifically, it is the extension of the Software License Expiry Date and the Maintenance/Support Expiry Date by one year.  The LMS items must be purchased at the time the software purchased.

In summary: Initially the Software and LMS items must be purchased.  This will allow the user to run the software for the first year.  At the end of the first year and every subsequent year the LMS items must be purchased in order to continue to run the software.  The Software License Expiry Date and the Maintenance/Support Expiry Date are incremented by 1 year when the LMS is purchased.

Indefinite License Extension

Users can, at any time, purchase an Indefinite License Extension.  This is effectively a "perpetual license".  Specifically, the Software License Expiry Date is set to the date Jan 1, 2999.  There is no discount given when the LMS is purchased after the Indefinite License Extension has been purchased. (i.e. the Software License Expiry Date remains Jan 1, 2999 and the Maintenance/Support Expiry Date is extended by one year)

Note: Even with the purchase of the Indefinite License Extension the LMS must be purchased for the first year.

Note:  The Indefinite License Extension does not apply when leasing (see below).  It only applies when the software has been purchased.

Leasing with Option to Purchase

The software may be leased on a yearly basis.  In this case, instead of purchasing the Software up-front, one pays a leasing fee.  The LMS must be purchased along with the yearly lease.  80% of leasing fees will be applied to the purchase price of the software when the software is purchased within 3 years of the date the leasing fees were paid.

Note:  One can not switch to the leasing option after the software has been purchased.

License Sharing

The software may be installed on multiple machines, and the USB "dongle" (the security key) can be passed from machine to machine (thus sharing the license).  Also see thKeyServer™ (Network License)

KeyServer™ (Network License)

The KeyServer™ product allows the security key to be put on a "server" computer and the license can be served to one or more "client" computers.  The EM-Suite/HyperLith programs are run on the local, "client" computer, but the license is "served" from the "server" computer. An EM-Suite/HyperLith™ license must be purchased for each "seat" to be served.

For example, if a research group in a company has licenses for 5 HyperLith™ "seats" then up to 5 users can simultaneously run HyperLith™.

KeyServer™ is sold as a separate option and can be purchased at any time.

The "server" machine running KeyServer™ must have a USB "dongle" (security key) attached.  The "client" computers do not need security keys.

It is possible to use a combination of hand-passed security keys and a network license server.  This allows some licenses to be operated without network connectivity (i.e. a user wants to run on his/her laptop at home or while traveling).

KeyServer™ currently only serves EM-Suite
, HyperLith and SOAPI program.  It does not serve a license for SimRunner, however SimRunner can be run on the same machine that KeyServer™ runs on and users on "client" machines can submit batches to the SimRunner™ remotely.

Currently each "seat" served by the KeyServer™ must have the same set of options.  For example, if a server is serving 5 seats, all seats have access to the same set of options such as Resist, TEMPESTpr2 and Gazillion.  This means that 5 licenses of Resist, TEMPEST, and Gazillion must be owned.

For more information about KeyServer™ please contact Panoramic Technology.