The core HyperLith and EM-Suite packages can produce aerial images and images in the film stack. While for many cases, this is sufficient, there are situations where the effects of the resist must be modeled. The Resist option gives the user several ways to do this.

The following resist models are supported:

  • Diffused Image Model : Aerial image is convolved with a blur kernel and then thresholded
  • Chemically Amplified Lumped Parameter model (CALPM) : A fast approximation for chemically amplfied resists
  • Full physics model : Full model which includes parameters to control diffusion of acid and base, development rate curves, etc.

The software comes with parameter sets for some generic resist models. If you have parameter sets from other simulators or experimental data, Panoramic Techology can help you get them imported for free.  We offer a free resist tuning service - contact us for details.