Advanced Resist Modeling Infrastructure (ARMI): Resist Calibration with PanTune and User-Written Resist Models


  • Calibrate your resist models by finding parameters to make your simulated results match your measured results.
  • Can be used to calibrate any resist model (Full Physics, Diffused-Image Model, Chemically Amplified Lumped Parameter Model, Panoramic Resist Model)
  • Able to use the full power of HyperLith's rigorous mask models (mask 3D effects), and realistic scanner models in the tune
  • Easily import empirical data from file or by cut & paste
  • Set valid limits on both empirical and simulated data
  • Works with SimRunner (ie. distributed/network computing)
  • User has complete access to the results - no encrypted secret resist model parameters.
  • Save money and time by calibrating your resists in-house
  • Keep your resist calibration expertise in-house

User-Written Resist Models (UWRM)

  • develop your own resist models in-house
  • simple, yet powerful Java(tm) application programming interface (API)
  • expose your "knobs" as yellow fields in the HyperLith or EM-Suite GUI
  • thin or thick, aerial image or image-in-resist based models allowed
  • return development time level-set function, or development rate and let HyperLith do the development for you
  • many examples to work from
  • high level of support (including help with coding) offered by Panoramic


ARMI Demo Video #1 - UWRM



ARMI Demo Video #2 - PanTune (video is black for first 15 seconds)