At Panoramic Technology we have been continuously improving our lithography simulation software for over ten years.  We're always at the forefront of the technology, being first to implement new features before our competitors (EUV, polarization issues in immersion, distributed computing, wafer topography etc.)

We continue to maintain our vigorous pace of development and we continue to raise the bar for lithography research simulators.

Near Term Plans

  • Advanced Resist Modeling Infrastructure (ARMI) - gives the user the ability to do advanced resist model development "in-house".
    • PanTune - a general purpose "tuner" that can be used for resist model parameter calibration.
    • User-Written Resist Models (UWRM) - user can program their own custom resist models and insert them into the EM-Suite/HyperLith simulation infrastructure - as a direct peer to the existing resist models.
  • Continued resist modeling research - we are working with several customers on tuning resist parameter sets, and solving modeling issues with EUV and DUV resists.
  • Extend SOAPI (our MATLAB(TM)/Java(TM) API) to HyperLith
  • Improve Gazillion and PanOPC integration into HyperLith
  • Application notes, examples, training-videos, documentation
  • Wafer-topography/Double-Patterning research, modeling, GUI improvements
  • Develop "quasi-rigorous" mask models for EUV

Long Term Plans

  • Maintain the lead in power and flexibility
  • Incorporate new features as the technology advances
  • Continuously improve speed, and ability to simulate larger areas
  • Larger area (but not full-chip) OPC correction that is better suited to manufacturing
  • Continuous GUI improvements - ease-of-use-without-sacrificing-power-and-flexibility always a priority
  • Source-Mask-Optimization & Inverse Algorithms

Ultimately, we plan to become the dominant lithography "research" simulator.  We feel this will happen because we deliver the most powerful, most flexible lithography simulator at a price that can not be matched by our competitors.  (see How and Why Can Panoramic Technology Offer the Best Lithography Research Simulator for Such an Amazing Low Price?)