We're smarter!


We're faster.

Our in-house programmers are amazing.  They can implement and deploy new features in a flash.  They know all aspects of the code inside-and-out.

We're more motivated.

We are a small, employee-owned company.  Our employees are highly motivated and success-oriented.

We're more focused.

We're not some small part of a bigger company.  We're not trying to sell machines or EDA software.  We're focused on selling simulation software for advanced lithography research - and that's it!

We're smaller and more efficient.

(a nice way to say that we're frugal!)

We have a better business model.

We feel that being a small, independent company is the way to go.  We spend less on advertising, and more on development.  We're not after a quick-buck - we prefer slow and steady growth.  We're not rapidly raising prices - we want our customers to be accustomed to our steady and reasonable prices.  We offer a better simulator at a lower price.