EUVL Modeling With Panoramic Technology

Panoramic Technology has been the leader in EUVL modeling since 1999.  Both HyperLith and EM-Suite are capabile of simulating many aspects of EUVL.

Several Important Features Make Panoramic the Most Powerful

  • Fourier Boundary Condition
  • Ultra-large FDTD simulation domains (>2 billion cells, >100GB memory)
  • Distributed Computing
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • EUV Defect Generator
  • Calibrated EUV Resist Models
  • Advanced Resist Modeling Infrastructure (ARMI) for developing new EUV resist models (including stochasitic models)
  • Experience & Support

What Panoramic Technology Offers

  • Simulation Software (EM-Suite, HyperLith, TEMPESTpr2, SimRunner/PSS/HSS, Resist, ARMI, SOAPI)
  • Consulting Services
  • Combination of Consulting and Software