• Powerful and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API)
  • MATLABTM, JavaTM and Octave interface
  • API Server includes plotting and powerful DataSeries List/Calculator GUI


KeyServer allows multiple users to access one or more floating licenses over the network.  A USB dongle is installed on a 'server' machine.  One or more 'client's can check out licenses.


  • Powerful GDS-II viewer/editor
  • Load large layouts (millions of polygons), select region(s) to simulation.
  • API available
  • biasing, clipping, combining etc.
  • Export layouts back to GDS-II


  • Small area OPC algorithm
  • Rigorous/Kirchhoff model-based
  • can include resist models
  • two type of OPC algorithms
  • Corner rounding, true-bias
  • ideal for bit-cell optimization